Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Icy Bling

Years ago when my sister was much younger, and so was I, she gave me a bracelet as a gift. I don't know exactly where she found it, but I've hung onto it over the years.

I decided to take some of the components from it and cast them in pewter.
These two four-petaled connectors, with their simple shiny rhinestone bling, are from the casting off that bracelet's links.

The original was in a gold-toned metal, possibly brass, although it never turned so maybe it's an alloy of some kind. And it had some small rhinestones on it, just like this.

These two would be nice for earrings, or to use as part of a bracelet.

A new one, to make new memories.

I was always told, growing up, that you shouldn't compare yourself to others. Not favorably or unfavorably.

Because there will always be someone richer, taller, thinner. More educated, more talented. And always someone shorter, less rich, not as fortunate. Someone better at sports, someone with nicer things. So comparisons should be avoided.

But it's hard to keep from doing it sometimes. I feel that I should be doing so many more things.

Trying to set up teaching gigs, trying to write and publish more articles. Working on "getting my name out there" in so many more ways. Being more creative, expressing myself in more ways.

It makes me feel disappointed in what I've gotten done. Why is it always easier to listen to the "you haven't done" than the "look what you've done" - and yet there's a saying that goes something like:
"It's not how much talent you have that matters, it's how much you've accomplished with what you've got that counts."

It's hard sometimes, thinking of the "what you haven't done" and wishing I'd done more, tried harder, been more successful.

Surely I'm not the only self-critic who does this to myself ...


SueBeads said...

Love them!

Jenny J-V said...

What a fantastic idea! Criticism...schmitism...I'm with you on the "why don't I do more" train. :) People see energy, but the reality is sitting on the couch for six hours! haaaaaaaa
Anyway, for the record, I've just found your blog and I love that you have your own genre. :) Ciao Jen

Katie said...

I love those new pieces! And, I know what you mean about the self-criticism...I see some people out there who get so much more done and beat myself up about it sometimes...But, I have to remind myself that this is something that I do when I'm not at the day job, so, while I would love to do everything that they do, my time is more limited than a lot of the wonderful artists out there...

Sometimes we lose perspective and we just have to take a step back and breathe and take a fresh look at it all :o)

Bizzy B said...

I look forward each morning to seeing what you made. I'd like to have your creativity.

mairedodd said...

you are one tough task master - for surely among the innovative talent who are CONSTANTLY at work is you... i have to tell you, this post has been on my mind for the past few hours - your drive and vision are admirable - but give yourself a break! even when you were sick you chided yourself... you are so gifted, don't drive yourself into the ground... of course, this drive is what sets you apart - but don't let it burn you out...

jacquio said...

firstly, thank you so much for posting the pictures of my necklace,I'm so pleased that you like it.
I'm going to make some earrings from these charms, so nice to know they have a story.
You are unique, your work cannot be compared to anyone else, but you should only do what you really WANT to do, not what you think you should be doing! We,who love what you do are getting your name out there too,so stop and smell the roses(or lie on the couch and read a book!)

EmandaJ said...

Oy! You are one of those folks I think of as "more talented, more prolific, more, more, more". And you do it in your spare time! Maybe if this was your only job your could be a little hard on yourself (though not much!) but you have more drive than anyone I know.

Stop flogging yourself!

I love what you do!

susanc said...

No, you're not the only one who feels that way.;)

TesoriTrovati said...

We all do what we can, with what we have, where we are. No use punishing yourself or worse comparing to someone else. I have found that when I do that someone pops into my life who is in awe of what I have done and it reminds me not to place phony benchmarks on myself. But that doesn't mean my plate isn't full, I haven't bitten off more than I can choke down or that I lack aspirations. You do so much, Miss Lynn! Set your sights on one goal and take steps to reach it, then move on to the next one (now if I could only take my own advice...)
Enjoy the day!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thank you, friends all!

Last night at the day job I didn't leave until almost 7:00 pm, on days like that I have to give myself a rain check on too much studio work when I do get home.

I know I expect a lot from myself, and only halfway deliver on my own expectations. I try to keep it real, but I'm not always successful at cutting myself the same breaks that I encourage others to take.

Do as I say, not as I do - that's how it sometimes works.

Your words uplift me and make me more peaceful with the status quo. Thank you!!!