Thursday, March 11, 2010

Limping and Leaning

I've done something to my back or hip, it is a struggle to get up and down. It feels like a pinched nerve or something, just on the left side. I don't know what I may have done, I didn't lift anything heavy or feel a THWACK when I moved my back or anything.

Yesterday it was a twinge, by last night it was definitely there, and this morning I feel a bit like the tin man without the oil can. I worked in the studio last night, getting some orders ready to ship out, and at bedtime it wasn't too bad, but in the middle of the night - YIKES.

This morning I took a long hot soak to loosen things up a bit. Every so often if I turn JUST SO or reach JUST THERE I feel it. ZING!

I don't really know what to do for it, except take some Tylenol and try to stay moving.

So I don't freeze up somewhere mumbling "Oil Can ... Oil Can" like in the Wizard of Oz movie.

This week is the first day of spring, and also the Daylight Savings Time change kicks in. Unfortunately it's the one where we lose an hour, but at least the days are getting longer.

It was pleasantly warm yesterday, I sat outside at lunch break and admired the sunshine.

No time to be a GIMP right now ... it's almost SPRING!


SummersStudio said...

Oh poor Lynn. I have back problems and know just how debilitated you must feel. I find naprosin in the morning and evening works. Also I have this wheat and lavender filled pillow thingy that gets heated in the microwave helps. Take care of yourself.

Vintage Blue Studio said...

Make sure to toss some epsom salts in your warm bath. I battle with a pinched nerve in my back and those salts are a huge help. Also, loving your faux ceramic pieces! Maybe you would want to do a swap in the future...some of my real ceramic for some of your faux ceramic?

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

LeAnn, I think the warranty on my bones needs an extension. That's a great tip about the lavender pillow, I have a whole bag of lavender flowers I could use. Thanks!

Epsom salts, I should have thought of that, great tip.

Thanks for the compliment about the faux ceramic, I often wonder what folks like you and LeAnn who work in the real thing think about my faux versions, LOL - trading is good, I like trading! I think I'd get the best of that bargain, for sure!

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh dear... I had that happen to me. I have a great massage therapist. I would recommend that...
I hope you feel better soon!
And I got my package yesterday! Zoinks! Those bezels are even better than I expected (which is tough, because I have come to expect nothing but the best from you!) Thank you!
Enjoy the day!

EmandaJ said...

Oh, Lynn, I'm sorry to hear about your back. I've been suffereing (on and off) for a couple of weeks with a muscle spasm in my shoulder. Good old Bengay and an ice pack helps to numb the pain and heat works to loosen the muscles. Get better soon!

hint said...

Oh how awful! Hope you rest up and it feels better. Love this beauty with your subtle coloring :)

Karen Burns said...

Your ceramic piece is beautiful! When I had trouble as you describe, I took muscle relaxers and went to bed!

Feel better,

jacquio said...

ouch! I have a disc problem and I find that sitting still for long periods of time makes it much worse, which is what we tend to do right?
Ice pack for me every time! Feel better.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

These are all terrific suggestions, I tried the heating pad last night and a hot epsom salt soak this morning. Still a bit of a twinge.

You may be right, I do tend to sit in one position for long periods, maybe I need to move around more often.

I don't have any BenGay but I will get some and rub it on the affected area, will it make me have a distinctive aroma, LOL?