Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blue Silhouette

I've been working on some new, fancy bezels that I can combine with the polymer clay components I enjoy making. This is one of the new ones, with flowers and leaves and a lot of ornate scrollwork at the bottom.

I combined it with one of my faux cameos, in a light blue color.

See the beautiful blue lampwork beads beside it? Those were created by Sue Kennedy at SueBeads. I love the dots of silver in with the matte finish blue glass.

They match perfectly with this cameo. I recently bought two more from Sue with the silver dots, with an off-white ecru background.

I'd love to create something, a finished piece of jewelry with the beads and the cameo together, but I just don't have time right now with all my other projects.

But if you love the two together, ask Sue about making some for you like these, they're perfect with the pewter components. She has a pair listed NOW, too cool!

I went ahead and listed the cameo pendant in the LynnDavis Etsy shop. Later I want to make some more with different colors in the background, maybe peach, or even a black backing to the cameo portrait.

Thank you SUE for the beautiful inspiration in your beads ...

Those of you who have a blog, and haven't required moderation for posts, do you find that you're having more instances where folks are leaving comments to posts but they are really spammers? I have really resisted turning on moderation, I don't want to add an obstacle to people posting. I did turn on moderation for posts older than 14 days, as I found that spammers would go into really old posts and put spam there. So far I'm just cleaning up the spam messages in the post comments.

What do you think? Does having moderation turned on cause you to be reluctant to posting replies on the blog?


Julie Pishny said...

Wow, I went to your etsy shop to see the cameo and it was sold - congratulations! It's really beautiful and I think you are on to something...beautiful work as always. Hugs - Julie

Pearl and Pebble said...

I saw this beautiful cameo yesterday and noticed right away how great the pairing with Sue's glass was! Your cameo is just fabulous:)

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I was very pleased to see that it was taken home by a designer very quickly, that always encourages me to create more along the same lines and feel that I'm on the right track.

The bezels are a lot of fun, they do become a two-step creation process (pewter bezel, polymer insert) but I want to keep working on them, and make some designs that are small enough and fit for bracelets, too.

Vintage Blue Studio said...

Lynn, that piece is too die for!!! Please tell me you will be making more of them!

EmandaJ said...

Hi Lynn, I love the bezel and the cameo and those gorgeous beads! Mmm! About your moderation question, I still reply to moderated blog comments, but do love the thrill of seeing my comments go up right away. If you are having Spammer trouble, no one is going to fault you for moderating our comments.

Have a great Tuesday!

Beatnheart said...

Another beautiful piece. I love the bezel on this one. Sorry about the spam..I don't really go to look at older posts comments.. What is the purpose of the spam...Is it just someone getting their jollies? I don't get it.

Boot ~C said...

I truly do hate moderation on posts, especially when I am already signed in. I find that often my posts don't show the first time & I have to resubmit, when this happens I usually don't bother. Do I have this problem on my blog?, no, I don't really have comments very often, so it is a non~issue for me. The setting is great!

Gardanne said...

Your bezels are really unique, make more empty ones for resin.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I guess seeing the spam show up means someone somewhere thinks my blog is a place to attract traffic. I am also someone who doesn't like moderation on posts, but it doesn't keep me from replying most of the time.

I guess for now I'll leave it off and just continue to remove the spam when it shows up. It annoys me!

The inset on this bezel is not very deep, I'll have to try it with resin and see if it is too shallow. If I needed to I could make a new mold with a deeper inset, I wondered if it would be too large a bezel for folks to use with resin? Your thoughts are welcome...