Sunday, April 25, 2010

Costume Pearls of A Certain Age

I remember my grandmother's costume jewelry, back at that time costume pearls were very popular and over time they got a certain variation in color and a slight warm coloring from being worn.

So I've been experimenting with new, bright white costume pearls, trying to get that aged and worn look.

These two batches came out just the way I envisioned, like so many things creative it's a trial and error process, but I think these are about right.

One group is a light gray color, with some darker ones mixed in, as though they aged unevenly.

And the other is a warm golden-cream color. Just about what I remember from the old ones in the jewelry box.

I've put these two colors into the Etsy shop, they really work well with the pewter pieces.

Pre-aged costume pearls, to give that look of authentic vintage aura. I'm working on a necklace using these with some pewter connectors. So there's no need to hunt down old pieces and take them apart, these are all ready to go.

I love wearing pearls, the look of them. They work really well for bracelets, too, either strung or with rosary wire wrapping.

Gray and cream, faux pearls, replica costume pearls!
Oh, and that's some of my hand crocheted lace there in the background, too ... to add to the vintage look.
Don't forget about the giveaway post below, today's the last day to share your thoughts in a reply and get in the running for the giveaway item! And a huge THANK YOU to those who have posted, terrific info and greatly appreciated.


Spirited Earth said...

lynn you have been reading my mind..i have both my grandmother's costume pearls and have been looking at these for the last year wondering if i might recycle them into my own jewelry designs..but not knowing if working in preowned faux pearls was acceptable,i'm newish to beading.

your pearls are beautiful and amazingly you have captured that warm vintage look..

SummersStudio said...

Perfect colours. I too love that warm aged look of old costume pearls.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I always say in the Etsy shop that I make the things I do because I don't like to take apart real vintage or antique items, so this is a way to get the look without taking apart grandmother's antiques.

I have a listing for them in the shop, if you want to try a 1 oz bag of either color.

I feel sad when I think of the heirlooms that won't be around if they are disassembled, so this is my way of trying to bridge the gap ...

Debbie said...

Your technique worked..these are so pretty.