Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hearth House Home

I finally got some little houses in polymer clay finished and posted to Etsy, and I really like them.

They're already gone out of the Etsy shop, though. That's exciting. I guess it means I should make more.

I do have a couple more almost done.

I love how the colors are coming out right now, very subtle and shaded.

Sometimes I have days with a paint brush when everything comes out muddy and I can't mix colors worth anything to look at.

And other days, the paint just wants to go together, it comes up so pretty, coming up with colors and blends I would never have done on purpose.

When I'm having one of those days, I try to do a lot of painting.

On the muddy paint days, I do something else, like antiquing and patina applying - that needs a muddy hand sometimes.

I like the little houses. I will find some time to create some more, really soon. And hope for a cooperative paint day right after that.


steufel said...

These are sweet little houses. regards Stefanie

mairedodd said...

i love the little houses... house/home is such a meaningful theme... your painting was beautiful...

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I like making them, I don't know why I go so long in between.

I like the symbolism of the shape, the comfort and happy things tied to the design.

And I like the freedom to paint them any old way, they seem to tell me how they want to be colored.

Almost like a grown up coloring book.

Karen Burns said...

Those are most adorable!! Yes, please, make more :-)

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Houses are in the neighborhood - or something like that - I got an email from Melanie at Earthenwood and she's been making houses too! We must all be in nesting mode or something.

Katsui Jewelry said...

Those are really cool!