Wednesday, April 14, 2010

With Tassels On

I'm trying to work dual purpose, but right now I've concentrated on the polymer clay side of the studio, building some new pieces for the ExpeditionD shop.

The two are on different ends of the studio, and while one requires clean hands, the other makes for very dirty hands. Lots of hand washing when I try to do both.

I did add a bunch of pewter listings to the LynnDavis shop, they will be "made to order" and I will set aside time on the weekend to get those made up once someone says - "THAT one" - so I can ship out early next week.

I re-listed some things that haven't been in the pewter group for several months, so if there's something you saw a while back, liked and haven't seen around again, you might check - it's likely it's listed again now.

Rather than make up a bunch of things and try to guess what folks will be needing, it works best for me to cast the pewter as it sells, except for some things that are regulars. Clasps, hooks and rings are like that.

I hope you don't have a mental image of a large trunk full of pewter items - it's more like a small box that I keep the finished pieces in, and anything that's marked on SALE is definitely made up and in that box.

Maybe one day when I have more free time for creativity I can fill up that trunk. If I do, I'll take a picture and put it here, to show that I made it to that place, and you can celebrate with me.


hint said...

oh those tassels are so cool! I use to work at a fabric store where I loved to run my hand through a tassel on a bad day :)

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Hi, Beth - I love fabric too, it would be dangerous for me to work in a fabric store, I'd be taking my money out the door as cloth! No food on the table, but plenty of fabric on the sewing machine, LOL!