Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zing of Color

I have to admit that I've been so involved in making the pewter that I have slightly neglected the polymer clay in the ExpeditionD shop.

Several people have asked recently about the hearts and houses I was making, and someone told me that a design using one of my wings is in Bead Trends, I have to make a trip to the bookstore to check that out soon.

So I decided to work with some color, and make some hearts, wings and houses.

I've listed some hearts and wings already, and I'm working on putting color onto the houses.

It always surprises me how long it takes to create the polymer clay pieces, there's forming and decorating, then sanding and buffing.

But the zing of color I get when I see them is worth it - I just have to be patient.

So I've resolved to work on the polymer clay alongside the pewter.

And I'm working on some shaped bezels in the pewter that will be compatible with the polymer shapes.

For now, if you were missing the hearts and wings, there are some in the ExpeditionD shop now, and there will be more soon.

Love the colors! Holding a paintbrush is very much fun ... and not quite as hard on my manicure as grinding glass and metal.


Studio Sylvia said...

Lovely pieces Lynn

Shelly said...

OOOOOoOOOoooo! These are GORGEOUS!!!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thank you, thank you! The colors remind me of the tulips that are blooming in the front flowerbed right now. Wish they would stay longer - next the roses will bloom. Love the springtime!

lunedreams said...

love the grommets over the holes, or whatever you call them. a lovely finished look, and even sort of hardware-y, like the rigging on a ship. a lovely feel of old and new together.