Saturday, June 5, 2010

SkyGlass Looking

I have some news, I was hoping for a great announcement to share, but I want to share my best effort and the results with you.

See the picture? That's a class proposal sample I made for an application to teach next year.

I called it a Skyglass Prism. It has a kaleidescope inside, it's a viewer.

When you hold the end with the small opening up to your eye and look through with your other eye closed, you can see through to the room beyond, but in a kaleidescopic colorful view.

I made two proposals to teach at Artfest 2011, and this was one of the items in the proposals.

Unfortunately, I wasn't accepted, there were lots of proposals and I didn't make it.

This time!

These are fun items I've been thinking about making for a long time, so I decided to make them the focus of the propsal, and to use them as a finished project item for teaching creativity in polymer clay, 3-D sculpture in miniature and using acrylic paints with polymer clay to create colorful aged and antique looks.

This one has a sun-face on the top with wings. I made four of them all together, they're all different colors and images but the design is the same.

I think they're very cool-looking and fun. I was so hopeful they'd be unique and different, and would catch the eye, to give me that opporunity to teach them next year.

But alas, that isn't how it turned out.

But we have to keep trying and doing new things. Don't we?

Now I'm considering whether I should write a proposed article for Belle Armoire on these, how they're made. Not sure how much like jewelry they are? I know I'd wear one as a pendant, but I might not be the usual jewelry wearer!

Here you can see through the prism end to the hole at the other end.

Just because I think they're cool might not mean that anyone else would like them!

So what do you think of them? Would you wear something like them for fun?

I think I'm going to list this one
in the Etsy shop and see if anyone falls in love with it.

And ....

If any of you know of others who are looking for a teacher for a project like this - pass the word along! I'd love to teach how to make these Skyglass Prisms, and I'd love the chance to meet all of you in a fun class somewhere!


SummersStudio said...

I'd wear it! And I'd use it too because I like getting altered view of what's around. This would be incredibly fun.

Trish said...

Absolutely!!! I love it!! I would most certainly wear it. I would buy it too if I could. Maybe it will still be available on payday.
Just wanted to say an early congratulations on the next milestone which you are quickly approaching - in both shops too.

Vintage Blue Studio said...

I would wear it! I can't believe they didnt accept your proposal especially because it's something so different!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I think there were a lot of proposals for next year and they only have so many slots. I'm happy you like it and think it's wearable. I have done my "test wearing" and it's a lot of fun to put it up to your eye and just look around wherever you happen to be!

EmandaJ said...

Hi Lynn, sorry your proposal was not accepted, lovely piece and so different. I love wearing unusual and unique pieces, they start conversations and make a link between people. I hope your proposal is accepted for next year or your instructions are published in Belle Armoire. Keep on plugging!

BTW, I just received your beautiful Normandy Art Nouveau connector -- I LOVE IT!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Emanda, I'm so THRILLED you were pleased with the connector! I thought of you when I was making it, I know you like that kind of design.

I'll keep applying to teach, I was really hoping the Artfest connection would happen, but I will go on with ideas and novel things to try creating.

It's a fun project, I like making them myself.

Alice said...

What a unique idea! I think there would lots of people who would wear it simply because it is so different. I can't believe it was not accepted!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Alice, thanks for the support, I think there were a LOT of established and talented teachers who applied too, and they can only take so many. I will keep trying to locate a place to teach, and when I've pegged a place and time, I'll be sure to let you know - you'll probably hear me from a distance saying WOO HOO!

Beatnheart said...

Send these in !!! they are awesome and unique and like nothing else out there. Don’t doubt yourself...You’ll get your teaching gigs. Heck i’d love to have you as a teacher!

enui said...

I'm not fond of this particular shade of pink/red, but I'd totally wear something like this :)

heartartz said...

LOVE IT!!!!!
I think it would be a fabulous pendant, which I would wear.
I am so sorry you did not make it to teach at Artfest. I was looking forward to taking a class from you :( But we will get together and just have fun at Artfest next year.
I saw the GREAT article about you and your work in the June/July/August 2010 Belle Armoire Jewelry.
Much Love, Gail

Riki Schumacher said...

Don't stop submitting Lynn, your pieces are amazing! Hugs, Riki