Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekend to Plan and Dream

Did you notice the poll at the left sidebar, about whether you prefer the Etsy shop to have only the made-up ready to ship items, custom items or whether you're okay with me listing photos of things I'll make up when you order?

I ask for your vote on the poll because by mid-week, my plans have always been to list several things that you could purchase that I would make up over the weekend, to ship early the next week.

Since I only have limited creativity time during the week to make things in the studio it helps guide my time on the weekends if I have pending orders, that way I know I'm creating something that's needed and hopefully using my time wisely.

The things in the photo are items I made early this week for a special need for a friend, I turned the resting heart wings pendant into a 3-way connector for a rosary.

This coming weekend I plan to start working on the Galveston Buttons, seeing what I can create with them to give their beautiful designs a second life in your hands as designers, to be worn and enjoyed in the future.

It makes me feel I'm extending their life, and that makes me smile.
Speaking of plans, I guess I should let you know ahead of time that I'll be traveling again at the end of the month to visit family, and things won't ship from the shop until after the first week of July - so if you will be needing a component or something from the shop, let me know as early as you can so I can get it to you before then.

So if you have an opinion on the poll - can you vote so I know what you think?


Anonymous said...


Riki Schumacher said...

Great idea to do a poll Lynn! You're a genius like I always thought! Hugs, Riki

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Jenny, I'll be seeing you in a few weeks - woo hoo whoop whoop - umm... yay!

Riki, I do need to know, don't want to be disappointing or aggravating anyone!

Genius? Not even a little bit - I hardly know my own name on some days, at least before my de-caffe anyway, LOL