Saturday, July 31, 2010

Turning a Corner

For (many, many) years I've worked in management, for law firms. I moved from Houston to Kansas City (in 1999), and from there to Saint Louis. All for the job, for the career.

When I moved to Saint Louis I decided it was time to start planning the creativity exercises I'd been putting off all that time.

Of course, I always did things like knit sweaters, make holiday gifts and ornaments. Always for me or for my family.

I moved to Saint Louis in 2006, and started setting up the studio in the basement.

It grew way past what I expected, especially when I started to investigate casting pewter.

Now, I've relocated to Central Louisiana. And I'm setting up a dedicated studio so I can focus on the creative side of things.

Folks keep asking me, in various ways and at different times - "are you going back to work? Will you try to find a job?"

The answer is not right away, and I don't know about the future.

My hubby has been retired for some time now.

I'm not really retirement age. Honest! It's too early.

But I want to explore being creative full time. And see what happens.

So here I am in 2010, at a crossroads. I had deadlines and schedules (moving dates, last day at the day job, the day to drive down to Louisiana for the last time) up until July 24.

Now, every day seems new. A new adventure.
No one is making up the rules. I'm not sure there are any rules, really.

In some ways, I'm excited about the freedom.
In other ways, I'm anxious about the lack of structure.
If you hang in with me as I go to this new place, you can help me figure it all out.


Barbara Lewis said...

Lynn, I'm so happy for you. I don't think it will take you too long to get settled into a routine of no routine. Actually, there has to be some routine or artists would never get anything done. Just think ... time in the studio when the demands of the job aren't messin' with your mind!

maryharding said...

Congratulations Lynn. I think you will do fine. You have so many creative ideas that soon you will be just as busy and structured as you were working for someone else. Great new adventure!!

*jean* said...

wonderful!! well done, you can do it!

Spirited Earth said...

congrats on the move,
with a little time i'm sure things will settle and your pathway will be clear..
loved the previous photos of house and new studio area.

Fanciful Expressions said...

You'll do it, Lynn. I wish you much luck in your new freedom.

Lucid Moon Studio said...

I'm excited for you Lynn! You seem very disciplined when it comes to working on your art, so I think you will have no problem getting a routine going that works well for you. And you will hopefully have more free time to enjoy!

I blogged about the necklace I made using one of your pewter pendants that is finally published in Bead Trends magazine! It is one of my favorite pieces.


Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Lynn, miss you! Glad you made it to LA safely, and are setting up your house. It looks beautiful, full of history and rich eye candy. I "retired" 12 years ago at 45, and are working just as hard in retirement for my art. So just do it, why not spend all that time "working" on things you love?! It will all work out for you, I know it. Big hug, Riki

Prairie Emporium said...

Sounds like a great move. And to have a house for your studio, awesome. Good luck with everything from set up to creating in you new space.

EmandaJ said...

HI Lynn,

I know you will have the discipline to make your art your career. Will you have a tiny showroom for your art in your studio house? How exciting that you get to "play" at work -- all day if you want to.

Congratulations on your designion and best wishes for much more success!

EmandaJ said...

"decision" -- not designion -- no spell-chk in my fingertips!

Katie said...

That's great that you have the time and the options to think about what direction you want to go next...I can't wait to see what happens! I know that sometimes the day job can really get in the way of creativity...But, sometimes it's a nice break, too...

And what a time of year to move to Louisiana! At least you've lived down here before - so the heat's not entirely new to you :o)

Jennifer Stumpf said...

wow! good luck, lynn, not that you will need it! what a wonderful opportunity!

Pretty Things said...

So thrilled for you! Having your own studio is really awesome. I love my little lampwork studio - it's all mine!

You're going to soar!

Courtney said...

It all sounds very exciting and full of possibility! Good luck.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

My goals were to get the boxes unpacked and the work stations set up last week, and I made it.

I did take time out, though, to blow bubbles with the grandbaby and play in the yard sprinkler.

Balance, don't you know!

Thank you ALL for your supportive comments.

The adventure BEGINS!

quiltingjewel39 said...

You go girl - that is awesome you can do all of this - and to be within walking distance of your grandchild!! I do envy you. Enjoy every minute of it.

hint said...

Congratulations! What an awesome step you are making. I look forward to seeing where it all leads. Have fun in your new studio!