Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hands and Eyes Remember The Steps

It might sound funny, but I was worried that my hands and eyes would forget how I was making things.

The studio has been packed up since the last week in June. Almost an entire month.

While I packed and unpacked houses and tried to figure out what went and what didn't, the studio was dormant, waiting in boxes.

Even last week while I opened the boxes and arranged the tables and lights, I was concerned. What if I didn't remember how to do things? Would I be successful at making things, being creative again?

And the photography set up was different, would it work okay?

Here are the first three of several pieces I finished yesterday.

I was very happy to learn that my hands and eyes know what to do, even if my mind was worried it had forgotten.

And there's something about the light and the water here.

The patinas are coming out fantastic!

I had to mix up a new batch of patinas and finishing compounds.

The fresh patinas are giving lots of great color.

This last round emblem is from the buttons that Deryn Mentock sent me a while back. I finally got one with the deer's head on it finished.

I've put them in the Etsy shop - if you like them take them home and make something wonderful!

And it's good to have dirt under my fingernails again....


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! The stag turned out beautifully. Glad you didn't forget!

Courtney said...


LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

So happy you stopped by, Deryn - yes, I'm back to working on molding those fantastic buttons you loaned me! They're turning out so lovely, I'm happy you are pleased.

Thank you, Courtney!

Anonymous said...

great pieces! i'm sure you are happy to be creating again. i can't wait to unpack all my stuff!