Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three Rounds

These three designs, with their similar shape and style, seemed to me to go well together.

So I snapped a photo with the three of them, the flower button, the moonface faux ivory, and the vineyard button.

The moonface pendant is already spoken for - I need to make some more of them. They've been very popular - THANKS!

The buttons are from the group loaned to me by Deryn Mentock a while back. I'm still taking molds off them and casting new ones, to reproduce the old button images.

At the moment, I'm just putting a hole top and bottom in the button design, to use as a focal bead, but I'm working on a plan to turn them into a kind of clasp or closure. I think they'd be really lovely used that way.

If you think of any other unique and special ideas about how you think it would be fun to see these button designs used, reply to this post, there's a GIVEAWAY!  I'll announce the winner next week!


Alice said...

What a lovely trio! I love the moonface button.

I don't know how large these are, but I think the would make great connectors.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Lynn! I'm so glad to see they're casting well.

Katie said...

I would like to see them without holes - they would look great in bead embroidery pieces :o) Keep up the great work - please! I love stopping by and drooling over your pretties...

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

These are great ideas, friends! Keep 'em coming - if you'd like to win in the giveaway!

Riki Schumacher said...

Love all those pieces Lynn, they are great. The little moon face is too sweet. Riki

EmandaJ said...

I just love the moon face piece, it makes me smile -- it is so serene. I can't seem to get beyond the idea of it as a lovely pendant -- on a long strand of ivory and cream seed- and bugle- beads with champagne crystals interspersed. Mmm!

WHEN you draw my name, you know where to send it! ;^)

Artymezia AT yahoo DOT com

MoonRae said...

I would definitely use them as closures on some new beaded cuffs I just finished (hint hint)
They really are beautiful!! I'd really like one of the faces when you make more