Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rolling the Odometer

On Sunday, the sales count on the Etsy shop rolled over from 1199 - where it had been maddeningly hovering for several days - to 1200.

Feels like a milestone! Is it cheating to add the 826 sales from the expeditionD shop, to top out over 2026? 

I have new items to photograph and add to the shop. I worked mainly in polymer clay this past weekend, and it takes me a while to get new things finished, photographed and uploaded. They were inspired by the book I've been reading, very atmospheric. I'll carve out some time to get those photos taken one evening.

At the moment, I'm relishing the new number in the Etsy shop, it's very special to me.

That represents a lot of individual items and bouts of creativity since November, 2007, when I opened the Etsy shop. So I'm easing up on an anniversary, too.

Thanks go to all of you who have supported, encouraged and heartened me.

I couldn't do it without you!


SummersStudio said...

Congrats, Lynn. That is indeed a milestone to celebrate. Sometimes it does make your head spin a little to think about how many little pieces have been made and then sent on their way.

taralinda said...

I enjoy your work so much! Such a joy to open the package- from start to end- your packaging, wrapping, the care that goes into everything, made my first order from you pure joy. Thank you!!