Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday Baking and Events

There's a Schlotzsky's sandwich shop here in my new home, and on paydays I treat myself to a sandwich as I go through the drive-through of the bank that's nearby.

I have decided to try to duplicate, as closely as I can, their special bread.

Yesterday I made up some yeast dough and made small buns and baked them.

But there's something missing. That Schlotzsky's bread had a unique texture and taste.

I'm going to keep experimenting, while I eat the little rolls I made yesterday. They're great for breakfast, toasted in the toaster with apricot jam and butter.

I also made a four-layer white cake with buttercream icing. I'd show a photo, but we cut into it last night after dinner. Maybe I'll go ahead and show it, you can really see the layers where it was cut.

It's yummy!

Yesterday at noon I drove out into the country and met Katie Nelson at her beading class, here in my neighborhood. I got to meet some other nice beading ladies. Katie is very sweet and friendly, I'm very happy we got a chance to visit. The hostess took a photo of us, as I forgot my camera!

If you know the secret of Schlotzsky's buns, with their holes and soft crust texture - point me in the right direction!


Katie said...

mmmm...Schlotzsky's...They do have great bread! We have some in Houston, and I really do think it's the breat that makes their sandwiches great!

And it was wonderful getting to meet you in person! I was so glad you got to come out and meet everyone, and I'll check with Kriss to see if she got the picture downloaded :o)

And I will definitely be sure to get you the pictures I promised of that goody I snagged from you before you had an opportunity to take a picture of it...


Alice said...

When I worked in the city I would often eat at Schlotzsky's. Their bread has a unique flavor and very airy with a nice crust. I really miss eating there.