Friday, October 8, 2010

Three Keys

Last weekend I got a chance to work on some more key designs. These two smaller ones are also from Erin. I love the heft of them, they're very detailed also. One is medium-sized, the other is a bit smaller. The smallest one reminds me of the keys used to lock old-style window shutters. The mid-sized one put me in mind of an old monastery door key, very ornate and historic. Fanciful, huh?

I cast another one of her large keys, and as I mentioned, I put three holes in the shaft, so when it's hung horizontally by the holes at each end, there can be three dangles from the middle.

And I gave the shaft a ruddy, coppertoned patina. Kind of reminds me of the original that way. I'm sending this one to her as a "thank you" for the loan.

Keys are fun! Especially when far away friends send them to me for a while!

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Riki Schumacher said...

These are great Lynn, love them! Great you're putting some holes in them, so we can adorn them further. Hugs, Riki