Sunday, October 3, 2010

Two Sticks and a String

I want to use some of the cast pewter buttons on knitting projects.

Sometimes, I just have to break out the yarn and put something onto needles.

I keep a bunch of 3x5 cards with me, and write down knitting patterns, so I can carry them with me in a little portable package.

This is a short neck cowl scarf, made in cotton yarn that looks like denim. I think it would be cute wrapped around the neck and fastened with a pewter button, just inside the neck of a coat or sweater.

This coral-pink square is a washcloth, for the bathroom or kitchen.

See the heart shape knitted into the center?

It's just easy enough to knit while watching TV or a movie, and just interesting enough to keep me going on it.

This last, smaller green one on top is the same pattern, but it's my hand dyed green cotton yarn and smaller needles. It would be a great shape and size for a washcloth. It's very lightweight.

I need to wash all three of these to fluff them up.

I think they'll be gifts later on this year. And all it took was two sticks, and some string!


Lois Moon said...

I love the colors you are using. I got into bead stitching pattern because I found that I could sit and "watch" an hour of tv and feel as if I had accomplished something. People see the 3000 or so Delicas I stitch toget her and think it must be tedious. "Oh no," I tell them, "it is relaxing, just like knitting."

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Lois, your eyes (or your bifocals, whichever it may be) must be MUCH better than mine! I understand what you mean about relaxing - I knit during lunch while I eat every day, and on Sunday evenings I knit while I listen to my NPR programs on the radio.

I love the look of beaded beauties stitched together, but instead of relaxing me, they tend to make me tense - I'm afraid I'll make a mistake!

thank goodness for our handwork, that helps us unwind...

Diane Folks said...

Your creations are beautiful! I've gotten to the point where I can't watch TV without knitting. My husband insists that I knit while he drives. He said it makes me a better passenger!