Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Designing for Two Kinds of Saints

This medallion reminds me of dog tags or ID tags because of the shape, but the ancient medieval form, because of the ancient design on it. 

I combined a religious emblem with ancient script, to make a shape that's useful for a holiday ornament, a key chain or for wearable jewelry.

In fact, I created a keychain for a friend with this medallion, and added a fleur de lys charm on the bottom as a dangle. The idea was the Saint and the Saints Football. It was a kind of secret message, I guess for those around these parts who connect a fleur de lys with their favorite Saints football team automatically.

I've always admired the illuminated manuscripts, like the Book of Kells. I can see  this cast component used as a decoration or clasp on the front of a hand bound book. 

Or for jewelry, with a pretty cross as a dangle.

But the one I made was for a fan of the Saints football team. Hey, I'm flexible, all about multi-purpose, I can go with that.

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Beatnheart said...

I love the combination. Happy Holidays Llyynn.