Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm On A Favorite Site List

I was contacted by Seth Apter who is compiling a list of Etsy Favorite Shops on his blog, The Altered Page. I was pleased and surprised to find that my Etsy shop was listed among the favorites as part of his series of "Viewer's Choice" listings.

Check out the blog if you're interested in finding many other talented and creative folks from his list of favorites. From my quick peek, I saw many names I recognized and whose work I admire.

His artwork interests me, as he is a mixed media artist in New York City, and works in assemblage. I'm always happy to know that the pieces can be used for many things besides jewelry.

That's all due to all of you, many thanks as always. Sometimes I do wonder if I'm talking into my hat here on the blog, and creating in solitude in the studio. When I find out about things like this, it helps me feel connected to others out in the world of creativity.

So thanks for that!


SummersStudio said...

That's great Lynn and congrats! I can see where your pieces would work well in mixed media, assemblage.

Seth said...

A big congrats to you Lynn!