Sunday, January 16, 2011

Headings, Finials and Giveaway Hearts

Many months ago, I made some headpins, really fancy ones.
Then I didn't make any for a long time.

On Saturday, I looked at my molds and thought, I need to make some more headpins.

I need some myself, for some crystal drops that I want to wire wrap and give a really fancy look.

This Finial headpin has a hole at the top, so it can be added to a chain or wire wrapped bead link, and a briolette or lampwork bead can be put onto the wire at the bottom and wrapped to make a really special finish for it.

The wire is really long, to give plenty of room for wire wrapping, but can easily be cut to shorten if necessary.

I got the top finial really thin but sturdy, so it's light but durable. Love that new belt sander, Yes I Do!

This is another little heart headpin I made on Saturday. It has a cute floral folksy design on it, and a long, long wire tail.

I can see these used with a lovely lampwork bead on top and wire wrapped to make a dangle. I put both of them in the Etsy shop, if you want to play with them in your designs, too. There's also one that looks like the top of a spoon, and one that has an antique key design. Very fun!

If you have suggestions on how you'd use them, post comments here, there will be a giveaway later this week!


Katie said...

Those hearts are so cute that I could see them wrapped into really cute earrings all by themselves...sometimes simple is beautiful enough-especially with something like those hearts!

Kathy said...

So many possibilities - I was thinking like Katie at first also, but then I thought it would be better in a cluster of hearts with this being the longest "dangle" because you have it on the wire!
OR you could solder a resined square (or rectangle) of your significant other above it and thus combine them into a great necklace drop?

Boot ~C said...

I think I'd use them as head pins for dangles: bracelets,off of the scarf pins I make,or necklaces. I'd try them w/ everything!Beautiful

For My Sweet Daughter said...

These are beautiful! I think they would be amazing as earrings with some lampwork beads strung on them or as a fabulous addition to a bracelet or necklace. What a great idea!
Shannon C

SummersStudio said...

I can definitely see these as the termination of a bead in a pendant design. Lovely. Tools, a girl can never have too many!