Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photo Setup

I'm playing around with how I do my photography of the components. I had the tripod, camera and lights at the house, in front of a window in the studio.

But that means I'm away from the computer, where I do the uploads.
The computer is at the house.

So, if the photos didn't quite work, it's a trip in the car with the camera back to the studio.

A little inconvenient.

On Sunday, I decided to try an experiment.
I set up the photography table at the house next to the computer.

It used to be that way in Saint Louis, down in the basement studio.
That way, if the photos weren't quite right, it was easy to just roll my desk chair back over to the camera tripod setup and shoot again.

I'm not sure the lights are quite right just yet.
That's always the trickiest part.

This pewter charm has a black portrait inset in the center it's hard to get the details on the black background.

I'll have to mess with it some more.

But at least this way, re-shooting won't cause such a delay.
Shoot, upload, test.
Repeat as needed.


Michele Lynch Art said...

Oh boy the photography of things is always the most frustrating part of anything for me! and of course one of the most important! I'm glad you are doing the photos in the house though, it's so much easier than running back and forth! Michele

SummersStudio said...

Photographing my work is absolutely my least favourite part of this whold business. I've always really liked your photos.

TesoriTrovati said...

You have great style with your photos, Lynn. But that whole getting in the car and driving thing to reshoot? That would seriously drive me batty! Good idea!
Enjoy the day!

Alice said...

What a beautiful piece!

Photographing my jewelry is one of the most frustrating things for me. Finding just the right light, figuring out the setup for each piece, and editing is so frustrating and time consuming. II've never reached the point where I can say that I am satisfied. I'm thinking about taking a class, but really don't have the time or money.