Sunday, March 20, 2011

In Memorium

TIRZAH (1/4/1995 - 3/20/2011)

Today I'm very sad and missing a good friend.
Our collie-husky mix girl dog had to leave us today.
She was a very old girl, but kept pretty healthy until the very end.
My husband brought her home at six weeks old from Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, Missouri. He didn't even know me yet, then.
So, technically, she was his dog.
But once she met me, she decided something else.
She decided she was my dog.

When I came home every day, she would race back and forth across the floor, so happy I was home. I'd run with her. It was a running game we played every day. Since we moved to Louisiana, she hasn't been able to do that any more.

But she always got up out of her padded doggie bed to come and greet me, every day when I came home.

She liked to eat spaghetti noodles, I would hold it up and dangle it down, and she'd bite it off. She always made me laugh when she did that. She seemed to know it was some kind of a game. A good-tasting game, too.

Something happened to her in the middle of the night last night.
Do dogs have strokes? I don't know.
We took her to the emergency vet today.
He said it was time to let her go.
I was expecting it for some time.
But it didn't make it any easier.
I can't stop weeping for her.

Bye, bye, sweet Tirzah girl.
We miss you already.


susanc said...

What a beautiful girl. I know my words don't help, but I lost a dear pet this last September and I know the heartache it brings. Time does lessen the pain, but I still miss her. :( Our pets are part of our family and we have them in our care for such a short time in this life, but they bring such joy and happiness. Hopefully we bring the same to them; I believe we do. Take care and know I'm thinking of you and sending virtual hugs. xxx

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thank you for your kind words. It's a heart-heavy day today. We put away her food and water bowls, and I thought my heart would break. Thanks for letting me know it will get easier someday.

Beatnheart said...

So very sorry for your loss Lynn. What a beautiful animal and I know what it is like to lose such a dear, wonderful friend. Yes, the pain will pass eventually. Be glad in knowing you your blessed to have her in your life and rejoice in her memory...

Greer said...

To have the love of a non-human heart and soul is a gift to be treasured beyond words.
Weep for your loss, but not too long and above all rejoice in the joy of having known her.

Beverly Herman said...

Lynn my heart breaks with yours. I had Kody for 16 years. I last two days and Cricket came along. He had some pretty tall paws to fill. Fill them he has and more.
I am very sorry for the lost of your dear Tizah.

Suz said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful Tizrah. Our animal friends give us so much and ask so little in return. We lost our twenty-two year old Chryssy two years ago and I still miss her.
Big hugs,

Courtney said...

I am so sorry. My heart hurts, it is so hard to let a furry child go.

Sending love and hugs.

EmandaJ said...

Oh Lynn, I'm so osrry for your loss. To have such a sweet lover-dog for so long is a blessing. I will hold you in my prayers.


For My Sweet Daughter said...

What a pretty girl. I am so sorry for your loss been there too many time myself. It does get better, you'll never forget but eventually you will smile when you remember her.
Shannon C

Barbara Lewis said...

Oh, Lynn, I'm so sorry. Our animals become so much a part of our family. We move heaven and earth for the comfort of our animals. Jim and I drive to Florida rather than fly because we don't want to kennel Donnie, our little Manchester Terrier. I know you will miss her ... and even time doesn't take some of the pain away. Just think of the good life you gave her and remember, "All Dogs Go to Heaven." :-)

Heidi said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful girl, and she obviously loved you very much. I know how much it hurts, having lost my one of a kind, dear dog Penelope 5 years ago. I still miss her, but she's always with me. And I know your girl will live on in your heart too. ♥

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thank you, dear friends. My heart is still broken, when I got up this morning at 6:00 am it was the first time since we moved that I didn't have to walk her outdoors, and the tears started afresh.

I haven't been journaling in a long time, but I started a Tirzah journal, to write down what happened, and my memories of life with her in the years I have known her.

Her name comes from a William Blake poem.

Laura Twiford said...

Lynn I am so sorry for your loss, The pain never really goes away when we love someone so dearly , but it does lessen in time and we are able to smile more at the memories then instead of them bringing tears. A journal is a great idea! Hugs

Alice said...

Lynn, I'm so sorry you lost such a special pet! How difficult to let her go--eventhough it was her time.

Fanciful Expressions said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your sadness at losing your dear friend. Think of all the good times you had with her and how much she loved you.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

It's been a rough week, it's amazing how many things that I see and hear remind me of the Tirzah girl-dog. She was in so much pain and paralysis it would have been selfish on my part to want to keep her with me, but I admit that I did. My hubby says we should wait six months or so to replace her. Not sure about all that, she was the first dog I ever lived with. And a special one for a starter dog.

Thank you all for the comforts you send my way. It helps.

maryharding said...

I am so sorry to learn of your loss Lynn. My thoughts are with you.

Lucid Moon Studio said...

I just read your post, and I am so sorry for your loss! I can't even bear to think about losing our dog, so I can relate to how you must feel. I think it would be great if you got another dog after some time has passed - dogs make one's life so much richer!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

This is eerie, I know, but I dreamed about Tirzah. She was walking around the house like she used to, the tik-tik-tik of her claws on the wooden floor. It didn't sadden me, oddly enough it comforted me. As though in some way she's still with me.

Thank you for understanding how hard this has been. Tomorrow is one week since we took her to the vet. I may have a hard time tomorrow, remembering that.

SummersStudio said...

Oh, Lynn, I missed this while I've been away. I am so sorry. It's hard to let go of our furry babies. We've been through this. We are going through this. It will get better with time. You will always have her in your heart and soul. You will always have the richness that she brought to your lives.