Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sewing It Up In Time

It's difficult to get a photo of her when she's not in motion.
My daughter snapped this for me.
Of my grandbaby wearing an outfit I sewed for her.

I have another one all cut out. I just need to finish sewing it.

So I set up a sewing spot in the house, with a typing table on rollers.
So it can be rolled out of the way when it's time for company.
Or when it's my weekend for a sleepover with the owner of the dress.
Like this weekend. Fun!

The strappy dress I'm working on reminds me of a gypsy dancer.
Bright colors and ruffles.
With pantaloons underneath. Better for sliding down slides.
I want to finish it, the weather is warming up quickly.
She'll be able to wear it soon.
Until she outgrows it. 
And that happens quickly, too.


SummersStudio said...

I was just recently looking through photos of my 3 yo grand daughter and the only ones that are not a blur of motion is when she is sleeping. It's a lovely age isn't it? Full of discovery.

Suz said...

Just adorable! That dress goes beautifully with her hair and general coloring. Pantaloons are a great idea.


Pretty Things said...

That is such a lovely photo! I'd be framing that.

Jenny said...

I ♥ this...