Friday, March 4, 2011

What Was I Thinking

Maybe I'm the only one who does this.

I look back at pictures of items I've made in the past, things that have gone on to find new homes, long ago.

And I think, "Did I really make that?" 

I find things that make me scratch my head and wonder.
I need to break out the resin, and make some more cabochons like this one.
I vaguely remember making the wings and crown for this pendant.

But it seems so long ago and far away, like some other me did it.

So much has happened, so much has changed. It's like a whole new world.

Does that ever happen to you?
Do you look back at photos of your creative work, things that were made a year ago, eighteen months ago, and it's like a whole new world opening.
I hope I'm not alone with this...


Charlene said...

You aren't alone. I'm there with you. When I am involved in making a piece I am consumed with it and then I am done. I put my pieces in a box until I am ready to photograph them. Last night I took out the box and there was a bracelet I did not remember. My head was consumed with what I am working on now.

I am also experience a period of growth and look back at some bracelets I made just a few months ago and seriously wonder what was I thinking. Good thing when you can take it apart and move on.

Have a wonderfully creative day!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks for sharing that, Charlene. It's odd to me how I can spend so much time putting something together, and then it's apparently gone from my creative vision. It's like a happy surprise ... wow! look at what I must have made, it must have been me ...

TesoriTrovati said...

First, that is SO COOL! I love it. I didn't buy that did I? HAHAHA! Not only do I forget that I made something I obviously forget that I bought something!
I think it is a good exercise to see where you have been and then see if you can improve on that. I have a box filled with old things like that, early pieces I made, failed experiments. Thanks for the reminder of that.
Enjoy the day!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Erin, I fear that I'm giving the impression that I don't like this piece, but it's not that, really. It's amazement, that it must have been me, but I just don't have any recall of it until I see the photo of it.

I think I should make more like it, or similar, and hopefully I'll be much better and my hands will work the metal more skillfully each time.

It's like a waking dream ... in a time machine

lunedreams said...

I feel like I'm worlds away from where I started. I look at my early early stuff and it really DOES seem like someone else made it. Well, I guess someone else DID make it. I'm not that same ME anymore, at least in terms of my jewelry. What I like, what I can do, and what seems possible has been radically altered by my exposure to other artists, and just noodling and trying new things every day. I'm not even where I was 6 months ago. I think changes in yourself are more easily visible when you're creating things--you see your evolution come out in your art.

Anonymous said...

I understand completely what you are saying! Time passes and I find myself sometimes staring for a long time at something I made earlier and, just like you said, can't remember how I've done it and am amazed by my own work.I remember when I was younger I'd come up and say to my mom "Look, remember, I made this!" Now I just contemplate and let such pieces encourage me to go on and find new creative strength inside of me.

Thank you so much for writing this post!
Wish you all the best!

Mezzaluna Studio said...

Lynn, when you make another, I want the first one. I just love that. I have had a miraculous healing and am one of the most blessed people I know. I would love to wear that!

For My Sweet Daughter said...

Yes I can relate! I have people wear things they bought from me and I am thinking are you sure I made that? This is a beautiful piece.

Folk Heart said...

I am just beginning to truly clean out my art studio down to the very bare bones. I began my solo art journey in '89. Talk about a time capsule! I can hardly believe the things that I made, forgot, went back to years later, supplies purchased and never used, etc. I am now full circle and using all of the mediums I have used since the '70s! What a stange and wonderful trip this has been.

Janet said...

I look at some of the jewellery I made like my first pc ever. I was so proud but well it wasnnt good! It had food on it is all Im gonna say lol. But your hearts beautiful! Im a wantin that teal button you have for Sale!!!

Palimpa Lim said...

Some time ago my mother wore a beautiful pin I had given her for christmas many years ago. I knew it was a piece I had once made, but I almost couldn't believe it. Wow! I was amazed and inspired by my own work! But it didn't feel like my own. It was far, far away from what I am now.
You are not alone at all.
Oh, and you definitely should remake that piece or at least make something new that's inspired by it - it's awesome!!!!!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I'm warming up to the idea of unpacking the resin stuff to make more cabochons - I haven't poured any resin since we relocated. I know, it's a shame, but somehow it just seems to stop me in my tracks when the things to make things from aren't just right out and handy. I don't know what's up with it, but it's almost like it's too much trouble to get things out - SILLY!

Thanks for all the kind words and nice thoughts. When I started packing up the studio to relocate last summer, I also found things that I was planning to use and had "put away" during a cleanup or something.

I like this piece, too, and you're right - I need to go back to the resin and combining it with the pewter. MUST do soon!

Anonymous said...

This happens to me with past songs I've written. And with poems. I can't believe them sometimes...

All i can do is salute the Muses. It reminds me of how transcendent our creativity is/must be; that our Muse's take us beyond our selves into & out of whatever captivates us for that one moment. We're fluid! how cool.

love this pendant, & will probably want one. ;)