Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cold Drink, Deer

I'm still getting used to living in Central Louisiana.

Over a week ago, I watched live crawfish being dumped into a plastic swimming pool full of salt water.  Then, I got down into a tray of hot boiled crawfish and learned how to break them open and eat 'em. YUM!

Last week, I ate something at a restaurant (I'm still not sure exactly what it might have been) that made my neck swell up alarmingly, and my face get all red. I went to the pharmacy to ask the pharmacist what to do. He took one look at me and told me to take an antihistimine tablet. He came out from behind the counter to pick it out for me.

"Take one! Take one! Take one now! Take one RIGHT now!" 
he said very loudly ...

So, before I had even paid for the package he handed me, I opened it up and swallowed a tablet while he watched me. Satisfied, this pharmacist, who didn't know my name, said, 

"There you go, baby, that'll take care of it," and returned to his counter.

This is a place where folks call you "sweetie," "honey" and "baby" even though they don't know you.

And call me "Miss Lynn" when they do.

The swelling in my neck went down, most likely because I "took one RIGHT now!" like the pharmacist said. 


Spirited Earth said...

oh how scary to have an alarming allergic reaction..but i'm laughing over the pharmacist..not get to the hospital..but take one Right Now!
and the names..yea..
Miss Lynn,welcome to the south Honey.

Carol D. said...

Love that story. I grew up in a farming community in Indiana and later moved to a similar kind in Virginia where you could tell similar stories. Glad you found that pharmacist.

EmandaJ said...

Ooo, you gotta find out what you are allergic to right NOW and start carrying an epi pen!


LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

So far, the cause of the swelling is a mystery, I was at a buffet and had a plate of this and that ... so I will watch out from now on, and keep the antihistimines close by until I figure it out.

And yesterday, the postal lady at the post office handed me my mail for the office and said "Here you go, baby."

Made me grin LARGE!

Joan Tucker said...

I have fish anh shellfish allergies and always took a benedryl if I had a reaction; recently I got shrimp joice on my face and started to swell as in not breathing; my doc told me to get an epi pen prescription- and carry it with me. My experience was very scary and I do not take the occasional swelling response as casually as before.
People have different food allergies and one thing I learned is they can be serious trouble. Stay well and safe.Joan T