Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Herbs and Blooms

On the south-facing side of the house, we put up a box for an herb garden.

I've always had fresh rosemary, sage, marjorum and miniature roses in my herb garden. This raised bed box is made of composite materials, pre-formed to slide together, so it doesn't rot. 

Herbs don't need as rich a soil as garden vegetables. I do have a small yellow pear tomato in this bed and a jalapeno pepper plant.
I also include marigolds and zinnias in the herb garden, for some color and to attract pollinators. 

I had some extra squash plants so I put them in the herb bed, to see how they liked it. They aren't growing as large as the huge ones on the side lot. If I get any squash off them, it will be a bonus.

The herbs are planted right by the back door to the kitchen, so it's just a few steps down to gather some fresh herbs for cooking.

I planted some zinnias from seeds, they are growing but way behind the ones that are blooming. I bought those at a nursery because I couldn't wait to have zinnia flowers.


SummersStudio said...

I think there is nothing more lovely than being able to snip a few fresh herbs for your meal. I'm interested in this composite material that you've built your beds from. It seems like such a good idea.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

LeAnn, it is some sort of recycled plastic made into planks. I got it from the home supply store, the big orange box. I got the last 3 they had. But they were created by Mel Bartholomew's company so you may find something similar on his website.

I like that they don't rot, and that they're recycled materials!