Wednesday, January 11, 2012


To everyone I missed this holiday season, I hope your celebrations were fun, the food delicious, and the family gathered together.

This is my lovely granddaughter, isn't she growing up a lot? She turned 3 years old last August.

She was headed on Christmas Eve to a family gathering, so I convinced her to let me roll her hair in curlers, so she would be extra pretty for the party.

I was amazed that she let me put the curlers in at all, and that she let them stay in through her nap. 
Very surprising!

I'm also very proud of her little outfit, I sewed it for her. It has balloons and butterflies on it, a pinafore and ruffled capri pants.

Looks like her curls lasted a while!
When I took down the curlers, she stood in front of the full-length mirror shaking her head, admiring her curly hair.

I remember when I was younger, those pink foam curlers with the rod in the middle.
You'd have to sleep on them overnight, just to get a little wave.

And later, as a teenager, trying to get the natural curls out by putting orange juice cans in my hair.

Oh the things we do for beauty, huh?
In her case, she doesn't need much help.
But just the same, she's so cute with her curly top.


TesoriTrovati said...

Happy New Year Miss Lynn! What a cutie she is. That outfit is adorable. It is crazy that we want what we don't have then spend our whole lives chasing it. I hope that she is happy in her own skin and realizes that her beauty comes from deep within.
Enjoy the day!

Beverly Herman said...

Happy New Year Lynn.
It was so good seeing you post!
Your grand baby is adorable. I love the curls and the outfit you made for her.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

hello, friends, long time no post, huh? I'm trying to do better in 2012.

She is the MOST girly-girl I have ever seen. Pink is her "fav-rit" color. It's fun sewing for her, and seeing her twirl in her ruffle skirts and tu-tus.

Thanks for the kind words!