Monday, January 30, 2012

     The post office is out on the main road, right next to the Dollar General store. This little town has a long history. The house we bought, in April it will be two years ago, was built as a railroad section house in 1887 or so. The roundabout for the trains used to be just over the bridge from the house, so there were railroad employees who lived in town. The train tracks still go across the main road, but these days they're just passing through.

     The levee on the Red River is just down the street, at the end of our road. On the holidays, families go up on the levee and shoot fireworks across the Red River. The town is in the middle of the state of Louisiana, right in the heart of CENLA (central Louisiana) and it's .5 miles square, not counting the .1 miles of water. 

     So, the pace is a lot slower here than I was used to in Houston, Saint Louis or Kansas City. Traffic, people and events move at an even pace. There's not that feeling of rushing, meeting deadlines or "gotta get it done NOW" that I knew before.

     What have I been doing creatively, in this slow-paced, small town location? If I can get motivated to take some photos (see what I mean about the pace?) I have some new pewter elements, and some finished jewelry to show off.

     Maybe in the next couple of days I will get that done. Right after sitting on the porch, watching the sunset and drinking lemonade-sweet-tea. Ahhhh .... loving it.

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