Friday, February 24, 2012

Flute of the Spirit

     A dear friend of mine, someone I've known since high school - let's not discuss how many years ago that is! - sent me a lovely package last Christmas. Usually, Karen and I exchange Christmas cards, catching each other up on our family and recent events, and the occasional email at holidays. Last Christmas I was pleased and surprised to receive a brown package, a large envelope, with a hefty feel to it. When I opened it, it was an antique book of images from France! Karen explained that she knew I would "make use of the images" from the book. I'm keeping the original intact, it's lovely and I don't want to take it apart. But photocopies on photographic paper reproduce the images very well, and all of the pendants in the picture have images from the french ornament book.
They remind me of barkcloth, from the 1930's, you know the fabric that drapes and upholstery were made out of. The colors are luscious, the images very old-fashioned. 
There are many pages of other images that I haven't tried yet, but I love the idea of giving them a new life, to be made into some special jewelry and worn. I'm combining them with resin and my new bezels, to end up with a vintage-looking finished pendant drop.
The flute of the infinite is
played without ceasing
and its sound is love.
     Friends far and near, I hope you both hear and play the flute of the spirit every day.


TesoriTrovati said...

What a lovely gift! I love it when someone just surprises you with something so lovely, so perfect for your spirit. These are the best images to be in your bezels. And I love that you are getting to share this long forgotten book of images with us in this way!
Enjoy the day.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

You can imagine my pleased surprise when I opened the package - luscious floral images, and so original. Thanks, Erin.

sharon said...

Surprises are the best! Your pieces are so romantic, and I do love that quote!