Friday, February 3, 2012


     Okay, I admit it. I have a pet peeve. (well, more than one, actually, but today I'm talking about this one). It involves the incorrect use of apostrophes and quotation marks in signs, letters, online ... you get the idea. It makes me cringe. And sometimes giggle, and occasionally guffaw.
     So imagine my surprise when I accidentally came across an entire blog about the incorrect use of quotation marks!  I laughed myself silly at some of these photos and their captions.
     I'm also kind of persnickity about apostrophes. You know, for contractions of words and also for making things possessive. I'm sure how I got this way, actually. Working in law offices for all these years, things get tricky and you find you have to learn some rules that you maybe slept through in school.
     Anyway, if you're like me and wince when you see quotation marks where they were never needed, check out the unnecessary quotations blog and have a chuckle.


TesoriTrovati said...

As a former English teacher that sort of thing bugs me, too! I also hate changing the spelling of a word just to change it or to look clever. Like the preschool I used to send my kids to that was called Kiddie Kollege. There is nothing smart about changing the C in college to a K! There is a book I think of some guys that went around correcting all these errant quotations and such with a Sharpie. I saw that on Sunday Morning I think. Funny stuff!
Enjoy the "day"!
"Erin" (insert air quotes here!)

lunedreams said...

I, too, am anal about grammar. Run on sentences in particular irritate me, and sentences where the subject and verb do not match give me fits: "Having only given birth to one baby moments before, the doctor told me I was having twins." (Wow, that is one dedicated doctor--she barely pauses in her work to give birth!)