Wednesday, March 14, 2012


      I talked about the french book of designs that my friend sent me, these images for the resin came from those patterns. Since spring seems to be coming, I guess I was inspired to make some floral designs for cabochons in the resin.
      With Easter coming, I made a couple with a lily in it, and one that reminds me of forget-me-nots. They are so sweet and feminine, I like the way they contrast against the dark patina pewter in their oval bezel setting.
     There's one with an ivy design, and one that reminds me of summertime flowers, all red and blooming. That book of designs is a treasure trove of beautiful vintage flower patterns. I need to pull out my book of "The Language of Flowers" to find out what these stood for in Victorian bouquets.

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sharon said...

I adore flowers! I plant lots, and don't always remember their names, ans wish I could, but when I go to the garden center after the looong winter here, my heart just palpitates, as it does now! Very very beautiful!