Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pansy Blossoms

     The pollen count here is off the scale! I parked under a tree on Saturday and my car was covered with green. It's amazing how much spring pollen is around here.
     I didn't get a lot done on Sunday afternoon in the studio, but I did get this resin piece made, with the pansy blossom and bud on it. The image came from the antique french floral designs booklet that my friend gave me at the end of last year, after the holidays. With Easter coming, it seemed like the time to make up a pansy pendant. I thought about making a necklace with it, but I went ahead and listed it in the Etsy shop. I have a whole bunch of resin curing, I can't wait until I can get those out of the molds and see how they turned out!


Alice said...

A beautiful piece! Just perfect for spring.

My allergies have kicked into high gear too with the trees budding out.

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh dear! I may have to get this. I have a love of pansies. I used to buy anything that I could get my hands on, even had a whole room in my house decorated with pansies. It is my sorority's flower and I love their velvety little faces. Curiously I don't have any art beads with pansies. May have to remedy this! Thanks for sharing this bit o' spring!
Enjoy the day.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I took my car to the carwash this morning, to get all the pollen off of it - it's amazingly startling how much these trees can put out!

Thanks, Alice, I thought it looked spring-y too. Hope your allergies are under control.

Erin, it is a fun little piece of pansy goodness - you can see the printing dots from the old fashioned design booklet it came from. Thanks for the feedback, my friends!

sharon said...

It's really gorgeous! So vivid and bright, just like the real thing!