Tuesday, April 3, 2012


       This red geranium flower, with its pretty green leaves, was made over two weekends. I'm still experimenting with the resin, getting the colored domes to look vintage and antique.
   I like to plant geraniums in the flower beds in the summertime. Soon it will be warm enough for them. I can't wait!
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Alice said...

Lynn, this is absolutely gorgeous! I think you've nailed it.

I love Geraniums too, but they don't always like me.

Debbie said...


This is such a lovely pendant! I just love geraniums and plant them in pots and scatter them about my porches. I can't wait to see what other floral bezels you come up with.


sharon said...

Love geraniums Lynn....they are quintessential summer!
Yours is gorgeous!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Folks and friends, I've been experimenting with new, smaller round bezels so that I can make them compatible for bracelets.

They are still in-process, but looking good. I can't wait to finish, so I can show pictures.

I don't know why I put things off like I do, but eventually I do seem to get things started!

Debbie said...

Smaller round bezels sound wonderful for bracelets....can't wait to see them!