Thursday, April 19, 2012

Looking Back, Working Forward

     This is a heart that I created before I moved to Louisiana. Do you ever make things, then sort of move on to other things, and kind of "forget" about something you once made? I seem to do that sometimes.
     Because it made me think of a pebble, with words in it from a poem, I called it a "sonnet pebble."
     Sometimes, I go back through my own "sold" section in the Etsy shop, to remind myself of things I've made in the past, and I ran across the "sonnet pebble" piece. I decided to make a new one. Of course, every piece is unique, and it's almost impossible to reproduce something exactly. This is the one I recently made, the words inside are a little bit different. 
     Do you ever go back through your old photos and see something you made and realize, I had forgotten all about that one!? 


sharon said...

I always go back and look at my journaling, sold jewelry, etc, like you, and then am newly inspired again!
This heart is scrumptious Lynn! I adore the black, the writing, and the timeworn is gorgeous!

Debbie said...

I remember that heart and I've always loved how you did that the aged appearance to it! I also "go back" to the past on a regular basis for can be so refreshing! Over the past winter I took on the task of reorganizing my entire bead room. I had so much fun rediscovering things I had bought and had forgotten all about. My head is literally swimming with all kinds of new ideas now!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

It's funny, I look back sometimes and think, did I REALLY make THAT? I wonder if I can do it again. I just went through my personal jewelry box, where I keep things I've made and keep for myself - and found some wonderful things I'd forgotten all about!

Debbie said...

OMG Lynn! I'm the person that bought that black heart...back in Sept 2010. I was going through my drawer with your items in it just now and saw it laying in there...I had to laugh! It is so gorgeous in person and I'm so lucky to have it. Now I need to make something out of it!!!