Friday, April 20, 2012

Wedding Necklace, Talented Designer

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Wilson
     A while back, I made this polymer clay faux ceramic focal pendant bead, and a neat lady named Rebecca Wilson of Virginia took it home. She recently got back to me, to let me know that she made this gorgeous necklace with it. I always love to see how things are turning out, and this one is a stunner. And, it has a happy story. Rebecca let me know that she had been hanging onto the pendant, until she learned that a dear friend of hers was getting married. So Rebecca created this beauty for her to wear on that special day.
     And, to top it off, Rebecca recently picked up a few things in the Etsy shop, and told me that she's going to make jewelry to participate in a raffle for Habitat for Humanity to raise funds.
    Warms my heart - and such a gorgeous necklace. Thanks, Rebecca, for telling me your great story!


Debbie said...

That is really a lovely pendant, Lynn! I love how Rebecca used it in her creation...what a special piece to wear on your wedding day!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Rebecca doesn't have a blog or an Etsy shop I could link to, to give more background about her. But I didn't want that to stop me sharing the photo she sent and the neat creation story of the necklace.

Heidi Post said...

Hey, I recognize that pattern! How cool that you did it in polymer clay too. And what a beautiful piece Rebecca has made with it :)