Friday, June 1, 2012

Reliquary New Work Mixed Media

      Want to see what I've been up to? I've been wanting to make some reliquary "shrine" type boxes. On Memorial Day, I put aside part of the day to finally start playing around with what I might come up with. These boxes are a combination of my pewter, the resin, some filigree and soldering, to make what I hope looks like something very, very ancient!
      A long time ago, I made some replicas of tintype cabinet cases, and I really liked the look. But I hadn't made any more. I had poured the resin boxes and they were waiting for me. This time, I combined the pewter and the resin, with some of my hand painting techniques. I wanted the boxes to look really old and worn, maybe even a little rusty or tarnished.
      Here's the back of the one with the floral emblem on the front. I mixed my paints to come up with this rusty metal look. But it's really brass filigree, soldered onto the box, to give a lacy finish to the back.
     And this is the back of the crown box, the loops on the top remind me of a bow-tie. There's a small filigree piece on this one, too. I wasn't sure how painting over the solder and the filigree would look, but I think it's okay.

     So - what do you think? Something new, to start off the month of June!


Gayle said...

What do I think??????? I think these are amazing!!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks, Gayle! You're so kind... I'm delighted to say that both have found a home, so I will be taking time to make some more. People seemed to like them!