Thursday, July 26, 2012

Herbal Bounty

Lantana and Miniature Roses in the Herb Garden
Just outside the kitchen door by the carport, I have a 4X8 foot bed for herbs and flowers. I have a miniature rose in it - I've always grown them in my herb gardens. 
Mexican Marigolds and Sweet Potato Plants in Pots
 For color and pest prevention,the pot of sweet potato plants have mexican marigolds growing with them. 
4X8 bed for Florals and Herbs
Herbs don't like a rich soil or a lot of feeding - they have a better flavor when they grow lean. So I keep them out of the vegetable garden, and I don't feed them very often. Just when I transplant them, or add new footings, to get them started. This bed is on the sheltered south-facing side of the house, so the rosemary is perennial - especially with a mild winter like the one we had last year. I can go out of the kitchen door and cut some rosemary or oregano to use fresh in cooking.
Rosemary and Lantana
I just added a small mint plant to the bed, but I double-potted it to keep it from covering the entire bed in mint. It grows aggressively, and will send out runners to spread itself. With one pot inside another pot, and potting mix in between, I hope to keep the mint controlled and where I want it! It's great for cooking and drinks. 
The Double-Potted Mint Plant

Oregano in the Herb Garden

Sweet Balm Leaves

I just bought a dehydrator, and I've been using it to dry my purple and green basil leaves to store them for use later. I plan to dry lots of herbs and vacuum pack them for soups or stews when the cold winds blow in December and January! A little scent of summer saved up.
The New Dehydrator With Basil Leaves Inside
I'm also making dried tomatoes - they're not sun-dried because it's too humid here to do them out in the sun - but they still have a rich, sun-dried flavor. Great for salads. 


Sandra said...

how wonderful to have an herb garden. i hope to have one, one day

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I like having it right beside the kitchen door - just go out and cut some rosemary and bring it right into the house!

Thanks, Sandra!