Friday, July 27, 2012

Outdoor Living

The Gazebo Under the Pecan Tree
 Besides the plants that I have added to the yard that produce good fruit, we are lucky to have several very large pecan trees around the house. Every fall they drop lots of pecans, and I get exercise by picking them up. Last year we had 20 pounds of fresh pecans shelled, and I'm hoping this year we will get even more of them. This is the gazebo in the side yard where we enjoy the mornings and evenings - and shelter during pecan season when the trees are dropping lots of nuts on our heads.
The Square Foot Gardens By the Picket Fence
We added the picket fence last year to keep critters out of the gardens, and it has been a great addition to the yard. The three 4X4 foot beds are in their second year of use, and I started a compost pit this year so that next season will be even better. We chop up all the leaves that fall and add them to the compost pile, and next spring those leaves will go back into the beds to make them even richer.
     I even lucked out at the garden store and found two plastic greenhouse covers that were 4X4 foot size and three feet tall on sale. I grabbed them so I can extend the lettuce and cold weather plants in two of the 4X4 foot beds, and get an early start next spring.
     I hope you have enjoyed seeing the gardens, the fruit that comes out of them and how I use it. By December, those little beds will just be flat spots in the yard again, waiting for spring so they can fill up with vining and blooming plants in the new season!I'll rake up the soil, add compost and leaves, and cover them for the winter. 
     But what will I do with all the extra time on my hands when there's no garden to tend every day?


marymc202 said...

You really have a green thumb, but then, you also work at keeping the garden in shape, which is what a good garden demands. Love your al fresco dining and sitting area, too. Can just imagine the thump of pecans as they hit the tent roof. I imagine, also, there are pecan pies from your kitchen enjoyed out there.

Any chance we'll get to see some of your studio where you create your "goodies"? Would love to know more about how you design and make them.

Enjoy your blog--I guess you can tell. Thanks for sharing.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Well, if you watch the blog this week you'll get a little "peek" into the studio - thanks for asking...