Friday, April 26, 2013

Pig Roast Lunch and Learn

Tomorrow, my daughter and I are going to a Lunch & Learn at Inglewood Farm south of town. They have great topics:

Raised Bed Gardening
Organic Garden Management
Juicing / Healthy Snacks
Backyard Chickens
Container Growing
My daughter just got a juicer, so she's interested in that class, and I am interested in having a few chickens, if I get brave enough. I already garden in containers and raised beds, but you can always learn a little something new, so those classes sound good, too.

Inglewood Farm are the ones who come to the local 2nd Saturday Farmer's Markets in town, and they have a Harvest Barn Market on Tuesdays, where I've been getting my eggs and strawberries.

And goat cheese, there's a lovely man with herbed goat cheese.

You're missing out until you've eaten freshly baked bread with homemade, fresh goat cheese!

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