Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pieces and Bits

And the results are like this. Here are photos of the pieces after polishing and before assembly. Then photographs, and up on Etsy later today. These are the back sides of three of the Victorian style focal pieces.

The hanging loops have been added and patina applied to the metal. These pendants are about an inch to 2 inches in size. Some of the metal has a darkened silver finish and some has a copper tone finish. Here are the rights sides of the same three pieces.

The small rectangular charm is one of my favorites. It says 'Contiuum d'Art Soiree, La Cinquieme Annee" in french.

The faux cameo has a soft pink color background and the lacy back is white.

When the buffer is running, a close hold has to be clamped on these small pieces, so the buffing wheel doesn't grab them and fling them across the room. One piece is missing right now, it went flying and so far hasn't been found.

These Victorian stype pieces include some larger sized pendants.

The Wheat Dove piece is 2 1/2 inches tall. Plan to use wrapped pearls and a shaped chain to attach to it. Some have holes drilled for wire wrapping and others have loops attached.

When planning the pendant an idea is there - how will the finished piece be created and how does the focal piece need to be created to work with that idea.

Two types of designs were made, the Victorian style and a more Asian style. The asian pieces are large in scale and very distinctive in style. Made one that looks like a dragon or a gargoyle.

The fronts are in the photo on the right, the backs in the photo on the left.

Attempt to make sure that the backs are as interesting as the fronts, to make the pendants reversible if that is a preference, but to make sure that if the pendant rotates the back view is as finished as the fronts.

Most of the pieces have holes drilled for wire wrapping, but a few have loops added. The piece to the right is one of my favorites, the coloring and detail on it turned out so great. It has a hole drilled through the top. I don't know yet if I will list it as a bead or make a pendant necklace with it.

Can't wait to get the pieces assembled so they are finished and photographed for Etsy.
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Nancy Hunt-Bartek said...

Simply said..These pieces are stunning!
I too, am glad we found each other.
fondly, Nancy

Kim White-Jenkins said...

I really admire your focal beads and pendants. And your clear commitment to frequent blogging! You are one of my inspirations today!

LLYYNN said...

Thanks for the feedback! Good to have replies, sometimes the blogging feels like talking to myself. Not that it's bad to do that, it's just good to know someone else is out there.