Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stages Of Show

The Big Top

Have scheduled a Main Showcase tomorrow. Trying to tidy up the Etsy site, like cleaning house before the guests arrive.

Spent the morning trying out new things with the glass and engraving, now the trick is to get good photos.

A little nervous. Feels like going to the Etsy superbowl or something.

The soldering workshop is in a different room than the jewelry assembly station. There are glass chips and fumes, better to keep away from the main living space.

Very windy out today, have to crack a window while soldering to draw the fumes outside. Could hear the gusts.

Trying not to lose sight of the project for the article also. Transferring some images to polymer clay. Lots of things midway, need to wrap up a few.

Should go cut and layer some glass to start fusing. Love the dichroic on a black glass background, reflects the light right back up through the cabochon.

It's good to have bread in the oven, glass in the kiln and jewelry pliers in hand.


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