Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tool Bench Bonanza

Working Between Chores

Got the old soldering iron running today, haven't unpacked the new one with the small jewelry tip. It looks so clean and new and nice. Maybe later this week.

Big sponge full of water to wipe the tip and sal ammoniac bar nearby to keep it all coated and tinned. Protects the tip.

The coffee lid with blue folded paper shop towel is full of oil, and the pliers and other tools go into it.

The flux is hard on the tools, so keeping them in the oil and rubbing occasionally with steel wool helps clean them up.

There are the glass cutting and breaking tools, stainless steel ruler with cork on the back, and a Sharpie pen for writing on glass. Under them is a heat resistant ceiling tile, good for keeping glass shards from going all around.
Usually have more lighting, turned some off for the photos.

Don't keep any good tools in the soldering station, only the old pliers, scissors and jewelry tools. The flux is too hard on them to use the good ones.

Experimenting today with new ways to create settings for the fused glass cabochons. Want something that shows them off with a nice style to them.

Liking the results. Something new, will have to photograph for putting on Etsy.

Need to melt more glass, have to put kiln wash on the slumping forms. Takes several coats and has to dry completely between each one. Want to slump some small plates, and make more jewelry cabochons tonight.

Have dinner and a movie also - some things can be drying, fusing and cooling at the same time.

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