Sunday, January 20, 2008

Studio A Safety

Getting A Shine On - Safely
Since the hot studio rules were mentioned, it's good to also discuss the other area. Jewelry tools do require care.

Buffer Safety Rules
  • No sleeves longer than elbow
  • No jewelry, rings, bracelets or dangly items on hands or wrists
  • No necklaces around neck - choking danger
  • No long tailed shirts or strings on clothing necklines or pants waistbands
  • Safety glasses required
  • Empty box located behind the buffer to catch flying objects
  • Good lighting in buffing area
  • Turn buffer wheel off when turning away or bending down to pick up dropped items
  • Hold onto items with both hands very tightly to prevent flyaways and flingings
  • Get up every hour and stretch and walk around the studio for five minutes
  • Never walk away from a running buffer wheel, always turn off
  • When fatigued, do something else for a while
  • Take time, don't rush
  • ENJOY the process, seeing the results is the payoff of all the work that went before

The buffer used on front, back and sides gives a beautiful flawless finish. Very graphic and striking.

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