Sunday, February 10, 2008

Teeny Tiny Hearts

Studio Day

Going to use the thin new sheet of clear 90 COE glass to make some teeny tiny heart earrings. Also want to punch out some words with steel letter stamps and embed in glass. Love to have sayings between glass sheets.

Forgot to ask about the diamond carbide hollow bits when the frit and glass enamels were bought yesterday. May have to get those online or mail order, need to drill holes in glass.

Fusing, soldering and punching day.

Here's a photo of the studio with the grinder and the soldering station showing. The messy end of the room.

Need to test the new dichroic to see what it does. Shiny!

Here's the kiln, venting and about to open and unload the new pieces.

The kiln is about 300 degrees F, so gloves are needed to pull the kiln shelf out.

So hard to wait until it's room temperature.

The pieces are sitting on thin fire shelf paper. Can't get more than one firing out of it, since it's going up to 1500 degrees F for fusing.
The colors of the cabochons don't show very well in the webcam photos, but there are dichroic shiny pieces in this group.

This is the new dichroic that was fired first time today. Very softly reddish dichroic sparkles, behind the bright red heart shapes.

Made one cabochon with a 'broken heart' design in it. Sitting on top of yellow glass with the dichroic on top.

Need to create the bezels and wrap in silver, attach the sterling silver loops and make the earwires for earrings. Fun! Might get one more firing in today, after grinding, shaping and fire polishing these pieces.

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