Friday, February 15, 2008

Another Heart, But Broken

Dichroic Broken Heart or Heartbreaker Pendant

Here's the Heartbreaker pendant after shaping and fire polishing. The shape is nice and even, and the dichroic flares like sparklers, when it is moved around the colors change from green to blue and a little lavender at the edges.


The cracked heart is deep burgundy red, all the colors held up in the kiln really well.

The hanging loop was made from sterling wire, fused together with the torch, then hammered with texture to make the wide link for the faceted ball chain to roll through. The rough texture of the silver is a nice contrast to the smooth glass surface.

See in the earlier photos how the cabochons looked when they came out of the kiln the first time, the shaping and fire polishing really makes a difference.

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