Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Birds and Burners

Dark and Soldering Dawn

Up before dawn, getting cabochons out of the kiln after shaping and fire polishing. One did decide to take a leap off the kiln shelf and will need to be re-done, a first. Now has an odd kind of texture on the top, of course it would leap and land face down. Like jelly on bread when dropped on the floor, must land jelly side down.

Got the custom order for the tiny girl's post earrings wrapped in silver and the posts and backs applied today.

Very cute, not too small so the hearts don't show. Not too large for small ears. Hope they go over well. Put reserved on Etsy.

Shipped out two orders this morning, the Belle Armoire package arrived yesterday. Was able to package up the pieces that sold but couldn't be shipped. Slipped in a 'thank you' gift for the patience.

Need to re-photograph the other pieces and add to Etsy, need better photos. It's like seeing old friends, had forgotten how nice some of the pieces were. Can't wait to see the article in March '08.

Thinking of setting up a second shop for the invented vintage pieces, and keep the glass pieces separate, as they are different in style, more contemporary. Not sure yet.

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