Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not One, But Two

After thinking and pondering, decided to activate the second Etsy shop. What, you say? Why would a time challenged sleep deprived person add another project to the list? Some of the items being created are loose charms that may not become a complete jewelry piece, but someone might enjoy using them in their work. There are a lot of beads, findings and other things in the stash that might outlive the jewelry maker, and could be put to use by someone else with more time. And there are other things, like hand-dyed yarn, fabric and other non-jewelry items that can be listed at the de-stash. If the dyer can part with them, anyway.

Anyway, the de-stash shop is activated and will be loaded up with beads, components, charms, fused glass cabochons and other useful things, very soon.

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