Saturday, March 1, 2008

Venus Rising

Today is March 1 - got the issue of Belle Armoire with the article on the Faux Vintage Treasures! Wonderful, very pleased. Great photos, and the article is five pages. Celebrate with me!!! Check it out.
Still working on the glass and enamels. This piece is enameled and fused, using several colors and underpainting. Tack fused first, then a second time, and fully fused. It's large right now, 1 1/2 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches tall. Plan to cut it into three pieces, top - middle - bottom.

Will shape the edges, then want to use the grinding disk to put bevels on the four sides. Haven't done that before, so the two extra smaller pieces are a place to start before using the central piece.

After beveling, back in the kiln for a fire polish. Hope it turns out as imagined.

Also made these three blue shard pieces. This is the amythest enamel, coming out like periwinkle blue. Nice, but different than planned. Not pink or purple, but washed denim blue. Still kind of cool.

Will grind the edges smooth and fire polish, probably when the other one goes in. Have been moving away from the red-coral-maroon colors toward the green-blue colors, not on purpose. Just happens.

Like these three pieces, learned a lot about using the enamels. Have some faceted blue crystals, want to use with one of these on wire wrapped chain. Beauties!

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