Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dyed and Ready Rolling

Bath of Burgundy Currents Color
Mentioned previously that an experiment with the dye for the pearls was being tried out on the bicone faux crystal beads. First thought, originally intended to try just the loose faux crystal bicone beads in the dye, loose like the pearls are dyed.

Remembered this piece to the left, a partial bit of wirework with pearls and faux crystal bicone beads that was being made up during waiting room downtime, grabbed it instead and put into the dyepot.

Took it out, rinsed and dried.
And the results are in.
It works.
It looks great.
Need to make some more pieces like this.
See the dyed results to the right.

Which do you prefer, plain or colored? (be honest)

Still haven't had a chance to try the dye mix with polymer clay.
Definitely like this chain though, the effects are subtle between the small, medium and oblong pearls and the bicone beads, but the colors harmonize with each other. Every pearl and bicone are a lightly different color, just the way vintage would be, with the wear and aging.

The wirework process to make the links of this style of chain are very, very slow but the results are dramatic and possibly worth it.

Had some 8mm dyed pearls, the cocoa chanel (did anyone catch the joke - cocoa color, get it?) pearls pictured in an earlier post, wired rosary wrapped with red-tone metal, combined those with the brass sparrow in flight and added this small bit of chain horizontally between the links. This one is definitely going somewhere with me today.


Lorelei said...

Beautiful! I love the design A LOT!
And there is NO WAY I could choose a favorite, both the white and the colored are stunning.

LLYYNN said...

Hi, Lorelei, (blushing) thanks for the kind feedback. If there's any interest I can post a tutorial on how to do this wire wrap link and make the component. It's a little fussy but the results are neat.