Friday, April 25, 2008

Heat and Heartstones

Have been struggling with this piece, really liking the rustic look of the Fleur de Cristos cross with fleur d'lis on the reverse, but having a hard time with all the inside curves and getting the wirework to come together.

Finally got it wired and patinaed, had to indulge in an extra flourish on the top.

Resembles some of the artifacts and crosses seen on the trip to Ireland, very rustic and worn looking. Will be great just with a simple dark chain, or could be really dressed up with rosary wire wrapped dyed pearls.

Also worked up the Venus Rising Fourth glass gems into a really unusual piece. Wanted to use all four glass beveled gems in one piece, and it worked together great, with the smallest gem becoming the dangle off the bottom of the large gem with Venus Rising, and the next smallest attached to the wire wrap at the top. Will post photos, believe it is a stunner!

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