Saturday, July 26, 2008

Apron and Toolbelt Saturday

Rolling Up the Sleeves, Putting On the Apron

Made a trip up to the Glasshopper Studio yesterday to replenish the supply of fine silver wire. Amazing how quickly I can go through the wire.

They also have precious metal clay, and classes. There's one coming up next month on using silver metal clay and making hinges, it sounds interesting. Fits in with the ideas brewing in my head to make some lockets. I love lockets!

Add the fresh supply of 16 gauge fine silver wire to the butane I bought earlier in the week, and it's time to make some silver links. I will make up a bunch for me to use and post some to the expeditionD Etsy shop later today, after they've been patinaed and tumbled.

Also got in my package from Rio Grande with my brand spanking new metal ring mandrel. Just never bought one before, but with the ring shank I made in the Kate McKinnon silver metal clay class needing shaping, I decided it was time to buy another tool.

I made a headpin in the class and the ring shank, with the plan that the headpin with the metal clay decoration would become the spindle for the ring shank. That way beads, ornaments and fused glass can be changed out on the ring shank. See the holes at the left side of the ring shank - the headpin will fit through those to hold the bead onto the ring.

I need to anneal the ring shank again before forming it, and figure out what size to make it so there's plenty of room for bulky beads on the ring. I think this first one is for me, but if it turns out well I'll make some more and list on the Etsy shop.

Have stayed away from making rings in the past because of the sizing issues, but they are so fun to wear, just couldn't resist any longer.

When I get it all put together I'll take some pictures, just don't mind the glass grinder manicure I usually have - I always seem to have lopsided nails!

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